When Lincoln Comes Together, BIG Things Happen 

During the Give to Lincoln Day campaign, every donation given to Abendmusik is increased by matching funds provided by Lincoln Community Foundation and their sponsors. This year’s match fund is a total of $350,000! The more Abendmusik raises during Give to Lincoln Day, the more funds we will receive from the match fund! We hope you consider giving your Abendmusik donation during Give to Lincoln Day.

How can I make sure my donation is part of Give to Lincoln Day?

There are many ways you can donate on or before May 18th to count toward Give to Lincoln Day!

Remember, minimum donation is $10 in order to count towards Give to Lincoln Day

ON-LINE - May 18th, gifts can be made to Abendmusik online at GiveToLincoln.com 

 IN PERSONOn May 18th, gifts can be made in person at Lincoln Community Foundation office between 8am and 5pm or at the Abendmusik office between 8am and 4:30pm.

** Checks MUST be made to: Lincoln Community Foundation ~ Memo: Abendmusik